the freedom
to choose
what’s best
for your child.

  • Direct access to Dr. Gutierrez – no office waits
  • Optional home visits
  • Evenings and weekends available
  • Innovative approach to comprehensive pediatric care
  • Parenting support – individual, groups and classes
  • Communicate by phone, text, email, Skype
  • Para su conveniencia hablamos español

Welcome to Our Practice!

I believe helping someone feel better walking out of my office than when they come in requires earning that
person’s trust – and more importantly, being a good listener.  Children instinctively know when they are in the
presence of someone who cares about them as a person, and who will be their advocate.

It’s how I see my role as your child’s physician–professional partner with you, as parents to the precious
little ones in your lives. They deserve a lot of love and care and attention—and sometimes that’s not so easy.
That’s why I have set up my practice to accommodate you and your schedule as much as possible, so your
child starts feeling better, today.

And, so you aren’t alone in navigating your child’s occasionally bumpy road through childhood. I’m right
here by your side to provide guidance and offer support — in person, at your home or online — where your
questions and concerns are always heard, and answered. I am honored to be of service to you and your

Dr. Margaret Gutierrez