Doctor Gutierrez has been a gift to our family. Her hands-on approach reaches beyond the traditional office visit. Not only does she visit our children at home when they’re sick, she calls frequently to check in and see how they’re responding to treatment. She drops by to peek in their ears, listen to their breathing and watch them move around in their own space. This quality of care hearkens back to what family doctors used to be: providers who take the whole picture into account.

I also love knowing that Dr. Gutierrez stays current with medical knowledge and is constantly educating herself on new findings in modern medicine. As well, she’s a great mom, and balances work and parenting seamlessly. This speaks volumes in itself about her holistic approach. She’s been a blessing to our family and will be to yours.

~ Tonya Kostenko

La Dra. Margaret me ayuda con el cuidado médico de mu hija desde el día en que nació. Ella está al pendiente de que mi hija tenga buena salud y reciba el mejor cuidado médico siempre que lo necesite. Mi esposo y yo nos sentimos con mucha tranquilidad al saber que nuestra hija está en las mejores manos con una doctora dedicada, que nos ofrece el gran servicio de venir a nuestra casa para supervisar la salud del bebé.

~ Maricel Balderrama

Dr. Margaret has been involved in my daughter’s care since the day she was 
born; she came to the hospital’s nursery to do her newborn physical exam 
and coordinate care for her discharge home. Dr. Margaret is very mindful
 regarding my daughter’s health and provides excellent medical

husband and I feel very confident to know that our daughter is in such excellent 
hands with Dr. Margaret. She is very dedicated to her patients and offers 
the wonderful service of coming to our home to take care of our daughter’s

~ Maricel Balderrama